Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm Coming Home To You

Well Homecoming 2011 was a success as was expected. Despite some nasty weather on Friday night, we still managed to enjoy a small cookout at Blair's house and then headed to the row to revisit our old stomping grounds/really just be looked at like we are old and stomping on other peoples' ground. Oh well!

Kickoff Cookout at Blair's Friday night

The grill master braving the rain

"The Girlfriends"; we survived!


Just as it should be
Saturday we all regrouped and headed back to campus to watch the Terriers pull off a great win against Elon. Saturday afternoon and night was spent watching lots of football and hanging out with our friends

Megan and I at her parents wonderful tailgate

Go Terriers!

Blair with 2 of his roommates from his senior year

A little fun in the sun.
Still scratching my head wondering where the weekend went but going back to Wofford makes me so thankful for the time that I was lucky enough to spend there. One of my non-Wofford coworkers was saying to some of the Wofford work crowd that they didn't realize homecoming was such a big deal. One of my Wofford coworkers response? "Psh! Only the biggest!" Couldn't have said it better, thanks for reading!


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  1. HA! I love it, Only the biggest. Glad you had fun!