Friday, February 11, 2011


This is just an example of the kinds of things that happen in my office...

This morning I walked into the break room to prepare my daily cup of coffee. As I opened the cabinet where the creamer is kept I noticed a sort of "sign up sheet" that was posted by our office "Wellness Committee" where employees can write in their health/fitness concerns. The first request went something like this...
  1. Please suggest some healthy late night snacks that will satisfy my hunger cravings but won't pack on the pounds. I have set this as a goal for myself for years and have never managed to achieve it. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
(This is obviously someone's legitimate concern and they are reaching out for help, bravo! The second request read exactly like this...)

    2.    How to grow more hair on my back.

Just your average inner-office antics. TGIF. Thanks for reading!


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