Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let there be Cake

I have mentioned before that I love to bake. My skills however cannot even begin to compete with those of my friends Katy and Meagan. As semi-professional bakers, Katy and Meagan have offered to make the cakes for my friends Ashley and Anna's weddings (getting confused yet?).

This is good news for the rest of the Columbia girls because it means that every birthday between now and Ashley and Anna's weddings in August and October (respectively) is a cake trial-run. Yup, that's right, practice cakes galore.

Last night was our first "practice cake" meeting for Valerie's birthday and I would judge it as a complete success. Sadly, I left my camera at home so could not capture the deliciousness that was the chocolate velvet/homemade cream cheese icing but lets just say I ate more than my share and probably looked a little something like this:

It was that good.
So, maybe I should be embarrassed/slightly ill from my cake-eating experience last night; but I am not, not even a little bit, in fact, I am thrilled. I am thrilled because sweet Martha's birthday is only a few short days away! Let there be cake!

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