Monday, February 28, 2011

"This is going to be great"

"This is going to be great"

I think this was the perfect way for Dr. Richardson to end his toast at Anna and Steven's engagement party this past weekend. The home, hosts, food, company, and couple were all wonderful. As made evident by the photos to follow we spent a good deal of time in the "Man Cave" at the hosts' house ( Note: the decor & animals on the wall):
The beautiful/delicious cake. I am taking my cake tasting duties very seriously
Blair, Sarah, and Whitner 
Dr. Richardson's sweet toast to Anna and Steven
Girls in the "Man Cave" (Wood paneling, hunting panting, etc.)
The mysterious animal that no one could correctly identify is behind Blair and I in this picture. Any ideas!?
It was a beautiful party and it was so exciting to see everyone in celebration of Anna and Steven. Can't wait for the festivities to continue, thanks for reading!


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