Monday, February 21, 2011

A Rocky Top Time

A picture narration of the Knoxville weekend, enjoy!
Thursday night we went to a DuMol wine tasting at Chez Liberty with Blair's parents; it was delicious and so much fun. My favorites of the whites were the Russian River Chardonnay and the Isobel Chardonnay (also a favorite of the vineyard owner, way to go me!).
The reds. So. Many. Glasses. Too. Scared. To. Move.
Friday: Ok so in this picture Blair is maybe less than super thrilled that I am taking his picture while he is trying on his penguin suit. Oh well.
Friday night dinner at the Reath house, equally, if not more delicious than our Thursday night dinner. Here Blair and his dad are posted up at the grill cooking lamb, sooo good!
Lisa, Aunt Sara, and Blair causing chaos in the kitchen
Blair's cousin Jackson and his trains. I think Thomas and Henry were the two that joined us for dinner on Friday. Thomas is the color "boo" and Henry is "siver". A-dor-able.
Before the Knoxville Mens' Cotillion...aka Prom 2K11
Kevin, Evan, Blair, and John. Some of his best friends from high school and fellow penguins.
Kevin, Bugs, me, Penguin (This photo was taken pre-dancefloor takeover. Literally, we took over. Sorry fellow cotillion attendees!)
Hope you all had a great weekend as well, thanks for reading!


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