Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Book (And Accessories)

I am a judge-a-book-by-its-cover-person
I should start by clarifying; I am not an Oprah obsessor. That said, I do think by means of her show, website, magazine, etc. she has greatly influenced a wide variety of women in regard to their reading materials. For this I should thank her because I was introduced to this book through her website. While The Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo series was a nice break from my former President/Civil War General biographies; I felt like it was time to find a happy medium.

Wingshooters, a novel by Nina Revoyr, is about a young girl multicultural girl raised by her grandfather and growing up in a conservative Wisconsin town.  Always made to feel like an outsider, things [apparently] change even more in this town when an African-American couple moves to town. One review described this book as "To Kill A Mockingbird in the Midwest" so naturally I am very excited about purchasing this on my Kindle (shout out to the Reath family for the great graduation gift!) and diving in.

Next week officially starts Blair and I's 2011 Southeastern Wedding Tour and since Blair gets in serious "drive mode" in the car (aka not one to play 20 questions/"are we there yet?") so once I get my new book [rapidly] downloaded onto my Kindle I think it is time to treat myself to a new Kindle cover. Here are some that I would not hate reading with...
Kate Spade, you get me every time...
Diane Von Furstenberg, please consider enjoying life in my budget?
Something like this is probably more my speed/in my price range
I promise to report back about the book (and whatever fancy new jacket it gets to wear). If anyone has any other good reading recommendations please pass them along, considering all of the road trips and sitting by the pool or on the beach that I am planning on doing once it gets warmer I am sure that I will need plenty of material!  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Whoops! Totally posted my comment on your E. Taylor post instead of this one. Anyways, I am slightly obsessed with this kindle cover found by typing "kindle cover" into the search bar at Love! Enjoy wedding tour!