Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bragging Big Sister

Thats right, my sister Laura got the Tibi internship she applied for! I could not be more thrilled/proud/excited/a little bit jealous for her. She will be living in New York City for the summer and working at the Tibi SoHo boutique as a merchandising/sales intern. How incredible is that!?

As we have gotten older Laura has emerged as the more fearless of the two of us; thats why when she told me she wanted to live in NYC this summer I was not surprised at all. She has a wonderful fascination with New York City and is a spectacular writer so after reading the cover letter she sent to Tibi I remember thinking "She is definitely going to get this, no doubt about it". Apparently Tibi liked it too because they set up a phone interview with Laura and decided she would be great for the position (obviously).

So, now as I am still stuck in winter(ish) weather, in my mind I am traveling to the Big City to see my sister and have my very own little tour guide. Ah the daydreams...Thanks for reading!


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