Thursday, March 17, 2011

"On Thursday, They Will Be Prime Time"

"One of the most seasoned teams in the country"
The New York Times does not underestimate the Terriers, neither should BYU. CBS selected the BYU-Wofford game to kick off its prime-time coverage of the NCAA tournament tonight at 7:15. Is this because of BYU's Jimmer Fredette, one of the best players in the country? Maybe. Regardless, I am anxiously awaiting the chance to cheer them on tonight with the rest of the Columbia area alumni.

[From a press conference]
Q: Could you comment on what it means to play the prime time game tomorrow night.

A: I look at it as a great opportunity for the players on Wofford and our college back in Spartanburg, show the world how we show ourselves, how we carry ourselves on and off the court. I'm just looking at it as an opportunity.

Thanks for reading and GO TERRIERS!


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