Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SC Grown & Married

This past weekend Blair and I traveled to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Mary Loyal and Lash's upcoming wedding; they are getting married in May and I can't believe how quickly it is coming up! Blair and I drove down Friday afternoon and saw all the sights that the back roads of South Carolina (aka Tuberville...yes, that is the name of a town) had to offer. Here are a few snapshots from the weekend, enjoy!
Sarah and I before the party Friday night; finally at the beach!
Some of the girls at the Friday night party, Mary Loyal and Lash came up with nick names to go on everyone's name tags, I was "Blogging Buddy" since Mary Loyal and I both blog ; Blair was "Blaine Reese" which is what one of his professors called him/thought Blair's name was the whole time they were abroad together for interim one year...and Blair responded
Boys at the party on Friday night
The delicious cake at the "SC Grown" party on Saturday night, sooo good! Like I told you all, I am taking my cake tasting duties very seriously. All of the food at the party was made using/including ingredients that are native to South Carolina in the month of March
Blair ("Blaine") and I Saturday night; the party was at the Pine Lakes Golf Club and it was absolutely beautiful and since Blair and I are both not natives of  South Carolina we really enjoyed eating learning about all the foods and ingredients that are grown in the state
Singing the Wofford alma mater, naturally. Unfortunately this is the only picture I managed to snap of the bride and groom to be all weekend but I think it shows off their Terrier spirit perfectly
The maid of honor!
It was such a fun weekend and thanks to the beach day that Sarah, Ann Spencer, and I took advantage of on Saturday I got my inaugural Spring/Summer 2011 sunburn out of the way.It is so great to spend time with our friends from school and I can't believe that the next time we are all going to be together is to see Mary Loyal and Lash get married; counting down until May 28th! Thanks for reading!


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