Thursday, June 16, 2011

Closet Crisis

I love everything about living in The Yellow House...except our closets. I have a very small closet (which is full) so have some things hanging in the hall closet and some things hanging in Sam's extra closet space. Trying to pack with this closet situation is not very efficient, coupled with the fact that I usually do not know what to actually put in my suitcase. This weekend Blair and I are traveling to Knoxville to spend the weekend with his family and I keep thinking to myself "Self, packing would be so much easier if you have a closet that looked like this..."

Packing can be so stressful. Good thing this closet has a space for me to relax (Picture via)
Color coded? The OCD in me says yes please! (Picture via)
Paris Hilton's closet. Annoyed by her; not by her closet. (Picture via) love. (Picture via)
 It never hurts to dream. Thanks for reading!


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