Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is my 100th blog post! I can hardly believe 1.) That I have actually kept up with this and 2.) That apparently more than just Mom, Dad, and Laura are reading it! It has been such a fun experience and now when something inspiring, exciting, and even slightly embarrassing/humiliating happens I always think "Ohhh, I can't wait to blog about this!". In celebration of this "blogging achievement" I am working on a special profject: getting Blair to write a guest post. So far this has proven to be an absolute miserable failure but I am not giving up yet.

In other news/accomplishments, my "OCD tendencies" have reached a new milestone with my wedding planning station. That's right, I am talking color coded folders, spreadsheets, pro/con lists, etiquette books...and candy (probably not on the pre-wedding diet, ooops). This is the station (aka the dining room table) after I tried to get things slightly under control...

It may not look super crazy but appearances can be deceiving...
So it is here I sit with my m&m's, dog-eared pages, "favorite" websites, and Blackberry. I have been trying [Blair has done an excellent job of making me] focus on what the day is about; a celebration of us, the start of our life together, and those that matter most to us.

I can't wait to see all that life holds with the next 100 posts; thank you all so much for continuing to follow along and as usual, thanks for reading!


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