Monday, June 27, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

This past weekend Blair and I were so excited to celebrate our engagement with several of our friends from Wofford (and new ones from Columbia!); it was such a joy and I think Blair summed it up perfectly when he looked at me on Saturday and said "We are so lucky to know people like this". Couldn't have said it better!

Friday night Blair and I went to Limeleaf with our friends Whitner and Sarah. Whitner and I met at freshman orientation and have friends ever since and over the years Blair and Whitner have become especially close. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Sarah since she began dating Whitner and just feel really lucky to know such a fun-loving and generous pair.

Smiles all around!

Survivors of many Clemson games...and more to come!

So sweet

Saturday Blair and I went to lunch and then got his house ready for the par-tay! It was intended to be a surprise after Blair proposed but it was nice to plan it together as a small way to say thank you and spend time with our friends. There were a few surprises (Candace, Sam, and Zeco) and lots of fun/dancing.

Awaiting our guests for the semi-surprise party

Bev, me, and Megan, so glad they were there

The Yellow House (and Candace)

Friends since freshman year all the way to marriage, grad school and more!

Blair with some of his friends who made the trip

If you have never played "Just Dance" you should; it's fun for the whole family

Reath brothers showing off their moves
A BIG thank you to our friends who made this weekend so special. Blair and I were saying on Saturday that it was so great that there were going to be some people there that have known us since and before we started dating as well as some wonderful new friends who have come to mean a great deal to us both. Making the weekend even more memorable; Vivian the Volvo is feeling slightly temperamental so thanks to a car swap I got to see my dad!

Groom and Father of the Bride!
It was another very special weekend and Blair and I are just so extremely thankful to have such loving friends and we can't wait for the celebrations to continue! I hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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