Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Will You Do Me A Favor?"

As promised, I am back with details (and pictures) from the weekend! Now, bear with me because this might get a tad lengthy but I want to be able to include as much as possible. I will try to provide a little bit of the backstory, including how sneaky Blair was, and then share some pictures with you all.

We had been planning for several weeks to be in Knoxville this past weekend and Blair has been telling me that on Saturday morning he was going to go to Ashe's, a Knoxville wine store, to meet with a family friend [Not unusual, Blair works in the alcohol industry, I am not suspicious at this point...at all]. Blair's dad was going to join, Lisa was going to go to the grocery store, Lindsey was sleeping in after a long week at work and Phil and I were going to go for a run in a nearby neighborhood. Everyone returns from their respective errands and I put on my bathing suit because I was not going to miss the chance to enjoy the day at his parents' pool. The weather had other plans and after a brief monsoon [During which Phil left the house, mumbling something about needing to go to the bank and the mall...] the sun shone through and I was pool ready!

After grabbing my sunglasses I headed outside, a little confused as to why the rest of his family wasn't as eager to soak up the sun as I was but didn't think much of it. Blair was already down by the pool...

Blair then started to tell me how glad he was that I was able to join him that weekend. I thanked him for inviting me and said I was so happy to be included. Blair walked over to the area where I was standing, fussing with my towel and where to put my camera and sunglasses. He then proceeded to talk about how special our relationship is to him and that it is heartbreaking when we have to say goodbye to each other. I reminded him that we both know it won't always be that way (how ironic) Then he says "Will you do me a favor?", I am still not really understanding what it is going on as he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a ring box and gets down on one knee,
"Mary Branch, I love you. Will you do me a favor, will you marry me?"
After much hugging, laughing, and a few tears we went inside to tell his family. I then realized that Blair and his dad did not go to Ashe's, Lisa did not go to the grocery store; they went to check on the final the setting for the ring...which Phil went to pick up later that afternoon. My family already knew, as Blair had discussed "ring things" with my sister and asked for my father's permission when my Dad was in Columbia for a visit two weeks ago. Sharing the phone calls, happy tears, and "the story" with our friends and family over the next few hours was so much fun for us and the festivities continued as Uncle Al, Aunt Sara, their son Jackson, and several of Blair's friends joined in the celebration.

There are so many things that I love about that day. I love that it was just the two of us, having a normal [or so I thought] conversation, that I was surprised, that my family knew, that it was "us" [the ring box got stuck in Blair's pocket], that Blair asked if I would do him a favor as if I was going to pick up milk from the store, and that for the rest of the night we could not wipe the smile off of our faces.
Newly engaged!

Running buddy/Blair's partner-in-crime/future brother-in-law extraordinaire

Blair and his parents

Blair and his Aunt Sara; so sweet!

The Reaths!

"The spot" (Note: Towels still sitting where I put them, never got that pool time...)

Blair and I with his wonderful friends

Can't. Stop. Smiling.
This has been a phenomenal past few days as Blair and I have been overwhelmed by the love and support that we have received from our amazing friends and family. We are so excited for the journey that we are about to embark on together and I can't wait to share it with you all!

Thanks for reading this crazy/way too long/still slightly giddy blog post!



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  1. SOO happy for y'all, what a great surprise, the BEST!!!! Congrats :)