Friday, June 10, 2011

Pull Over & Grab A Fork

A recent phone conversation with my friend Erin:

Erin: Well, it looks like we have another wedding to go to...
Me: I am driving on the highway so if it's your wedding I need you to let me know if I need to pull over.
Erin: You should pull over.

That's right, Erin and Collier are ENGAGED! I could not be more excited for this sweet couple; several of us are planning a girls trip in July to go celebrate with Erin and I am already counting down the days, congrats again!

In other wedding related news, cake:

This is the perfect portion size for me. (Picture via)
Yes, I had a piece (or 2) of Mary Loyal and Lash's wedding cake and it was phenomenal. I know you all probably think that I forgot since I neglected to mention it in my post about their wedding (complete lapse of sugar-loving judgement on my part) but don't worry; I stayed true to my commitment to sample any and all sweets at any social event. In addition to sampling the scrumptious cake at the Laffitte-Springs nuptials; I have been invited to a cake testing this Sunday. That's right; you know you are the "fat kid" when your engaged friends are inviting you to their cake testings.

In all seriousness it is actually a cake tasting "party" as Meagan and Katy are making the wedding cakes for Ashley and Michael's wedding in August and Anna and Steven's wedding in October. I am already mentally preparing myself for the amount of baked awesomeness that I am sure to consume and I guess I will leave a few crumbs for the brides and grooms to be...maybe...

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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