Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making "It" About "Us"

This weekend Blair and I are making the trip to Atlanta for our first planning extravaganza (this is what I plan on referring to this as so it does not sound stressful/overwhelming). We will visit three possible reception sites, have a meeting at the church, and visit with family and friends. I am so excited. My standard packing stress was not even an issue tonight as I just finished throwing things into my suitcase.

I suppose you could say that I already have a "vision" of what I want our big day to be like, more on that later, and feel certain that once I can see and stand in the space where our reception will take place those ideas will become that much clearer. We are really just so excited about coming up with ways to make our wedding about us and making our friends and families an invaluable part of that celebration.

Oh, and of course I am bringing my pro/con lists, color coded folders, and specific questions for each possible vendor. Yes, I do realize how completely crazy that makes me sound. Sorry in advance Dad and Blair!

A planning we will go!
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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