Friday, July 8, 2011

To Be Young Again

Oh to be "young" again. Not to relive my awkward stage (debatable as to whether I have left that stage or not...), not to have braces again, and definitely not to repeat middle school but to come back as a 3-4 year Asian girl so I can be cast as the new "Lily" on Modern Family.

That could be me!
Sad but true; according to this article the creators of the show are concerned that the set of twins that currently plays Lily may not be inclined to be actresses as they get older so it is possible they will cast a new Lily in hopes of providing her with a larger role on the show. Um, hello? I'm right here. Yes, I am 20+ years over the age limit and not as cute/the slightest bit Asian but I really think I have found my calling.

In completely unrelated TV dreams, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! That's right, on this day in history Tom was born!


In addition, a slightly early congratulations to Beth and Andrew! Andrew is one of Blair's pledge brothers and he is getting married in Charleston tomorrow! I naturally encountered my never-failing packing crisis but I think all is well now and I can't wait to get to Charleston to see everyone. This will also be the first wedding that Blair and I will have attended as an engaged couple so that's very exciting! Maybe when Blair writes his guest post he can tell you all about it...

Anyway, sorry for the scatter-brained post but I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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