Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Sweet Summer Weekend

You know returning home from a weekend away completely exhausted is a sign of time well-spent. This weekend Blair and I traveled to Charleston for his pledge brother Andrew's wedding and it was such a good time. Friday night we went out to eat for a friend's birthday and then to Midtown, a bar in downtown Charleston where we heard a fun band and got to see lots friends

At the front of the band, a pretty standard spot


Andrew (in the pink shirt) out for a little while before his big day!

Cally & Dave, our hosts for the weekend
Saturday Cally, Ann Spencer, and I took Dave's new puppy Beau to eat lunch at Red's on the water and then we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon before making our way to the church. Andrew and Beth had a traditional Catholic wedding at a stunning church downtown; it was beautiful and Andrew's expression as Beth entered the church was so sweet. The reception was stunning and the bride and groom and their families all just seemed so happy. There was also probably not a dry eye in the room following Beth's fathers toast after the bride and groom cut the cake (which I obviously sampled, you're welcome). Here are some snapshots of their reception!

I loved their cake; the alternating layers were iced to look like sweet grass baskets, representative of Charleston where they are both from. The cake was also surrounded by photos of different weddings of their family members; it made their cake so was equally as delicious

The couple's first dance

Sara, Ann Spencer, me, and Cally before taking our posts at the front of the band

Beth and all of the boys!

Wofford! I am still a little unclear as to how Blair was selected to be the one to proudly display the Wofford flag...he is doing such a great job though!

Our first wedding as engaged couple! Blair told me before the ceremony that we really needed to try to pay attention to all of the details at their wedding. Whoa groomzilla, whoa.
It was such a great weekend and again, it is so nice to reunite with friends that we don't get to see that often since graduating. About to crawl in to bed as a result of all of the celebrating but I hope you all had a great weekend and congratulations to Beth and Andrew!

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