Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sugar Shambles

I know I talk a good bit about my love for sweets but now it is becoming painfully clear that my coworkers are starting to understand this as well. Things that have happened to me this week: 2 different brokers told me that they think cake tasting will my be favorite part of the wedding planning process, in ordering ice cream for the firm as a brief relief from the heat, our marketing director and CFO said I should pick the flavors since I am a lover of all things sugar, and last but not least a coworker whose husband is the head pastry chef at a local restaurant brings me the cakes that the wait staff slices incorrectly.

However, this passion for pastries really comes in handy sometimes. One of my most favorite brokers in our office has three lovely children, one of which was injured on a recent trip out of the country. He is only 12 years old and will be essentially out of commission for the rest of the summer. So, as a little "I am thinking of you" I decided to make him cookies (obviously). I found a recipe in which you dip an Oreo in melted chocolate and peanut butter and then push a Teddy Graham on top in pop them in the refrigerator for about half an hour. Sounds simple? No. A big fat mess.


Finished product...sort of.
In my eagerness to prepare these treats for my coworkers children I just went straight to dunking the Oreos into the melted chocolate/peanut butter mix. READ: Melted=Very hot. So yes, I burned 3 fingers on my right hand and had to resort to tongs to douse the Oreos. I am sure people at work will love that, "Oh I would love to help you with that but I am temporarily handicapped, I was baking". Way to go Mary, Impressive.

However, they do taste delicious and I hope that my coworker and his sweet children will appreciate the gesture, its the thought that counts!

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