Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Staple

I have a problem. It is this; once I find a restaurant that I like it is added to the rotation. What is that exactly you ask? Well, its my list of 4-5 places to eat in any city that I frequently visit. My parents, sister, Blair, and friends could all attest to this, if you ask me where I would like to eat I will name the same 4-5 places and then just blankly stare back at you as if I have obviously listed every dining facility in the city (Atlanta, Spartanburg, Columbia, Knoxville). One of the places on this "rotation" in Atlanta and Columbia is Chipotle.

Go eat here. That is an order.
I picked it up for dinner last night and will possibly definitely be going back there as I do not want to spend money at the grocery store before I leave town for a week. Their website can tell you much more about "The Chipotle Experience" but the ingredients are always fresh, the people are always nice, and the service is wonderful. I think I have frequented the Columbia location one time too many though because as I make my way down the line (you can see all of the ingredients as they are added to your salad/tacos/burrito etc. as well as how the food is prepared in their open kitchen) the same young man is typically at the salsa/guacamole station. Our conversation goes as follows:

Him: Mild, medium, or hot salsa?
Me: Mild please
Him: Corn, sour cream, or cheese?
Me: Just corn please [Side note: Something about their sour cream is amazing, try it]
Him: Guacamole or lettuce?
Me: Guacamole
Him: Guacamole is $1.25 extra [Not sure why but this is fine by me]
Me: I'll spl...
Him: Lemme guess, you'll splurge?

So the people there know my order? Yes. Embarrassed? No. Yes, the food may be a tad pricey but you won't leave hungry and it really is so much more tasty than any other fast-food-Mexican-place. I highly recommend it. Seriously, add it to your "rotation".

Thanks for reading!



  1. i've never been to a chipotle but am dying to try!

    speaking of restaurant in your rotation, lash and i are going to atlanta for a weekend in august and need some advice. if you had just one lunch and one dinner and one brunch where in the world would you eat??? we do not have a hote reservation yet but will probably stay downtown-- unless you tell us otherwise. we are going to a braves game friday night and then want a nice dinner saturday.

  2. Andddd what's on your list for Spartanburg? Other than Monsoon, which is still unfortunately out of commission....

  3. I second your love of Chipotle. I love the freshness of their ingredients and crave it often!

    And....Best wishes to you and Blair!

  4. You know how I feel about Chipotle! Have a great time at the beach. While you're there will you ask your mom about recipes for the cookbook? I am particularly short on seafood and desserts, for obvious reasons. If there's a family story associated with the recipes, please include it for me too! I would like to get the recipes compiled by mid-August if that works for you.