Monday, November 15, 2010

Baking Via Cell Phone

I think I have mentioned this before but I LOVE to bake. I think this passion for baked goods comes from:

1.) My extremely unhealthy sweet tooth. I like to use baking as a cover to eat as much cookie/brownie/sugary goodness as I can. And I like to provide people a I care about with something homemade blah blah blah...
2.) My obsessive compulsive tendencies. I like knowing precisely how much of something to add, how long it should bake for etc. I am a big recipe follower (the more detailed, the better) and really enjoy how methodical baking is.

Fat and happy...Yes, this is a cardboard cutout. Thank you very much.

Unfortunately I also get baking stage fright. When I am baking for a party or a group of people I want to impress (aka my family). I get very nervous if things are not looking just right. This is when the panicked phone calls to my mom enter the picture. She is always very encouraging and patient, partially because I think she can hear the desperation in my voice. She always talks me through it and ends each phone call by saying "It's going to be great, everyone will love it" or sometimes "No one will care what it looks it as long as it tastes good". Good thing she cannot see me evenly distributing chocolate chips in cookie dough...

Tomorrow is Wofford girls Thanksgiving and I am in charge of bringing the pumpkin and the pecan pies. My nerves are already kicking in because I remember last year my mom was visiting my Aunt Sally in Philadelphia and I called their house/my Aunt Sally's cell numerous times asking my mom to basically hold my hand via telephone while I made the pecan pie to take to my Aunt Sue's house for the "Atlanta Thanksgiving". It turned out to be a hit, my Uncle John even said it was "The best pecan pie he has ever had" (Not to toot my own horn, well my mom's horn). I also made one for Blair who had never had pecan pie before. Blasphemy.

Oh, this looks JUST like my imagination.
 So essentially, this post serves as a heads up to my mom. I will be going to the grocery store this evening and baking the pies when I get back from the gym (interesting sequence of events). Please have your cell phone handy and congratulations in advance for two delicious pies that you will have baked long distance! Thanks for reading!


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