Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Almost] Sleepless Nights

I have developed the awful habit of what I will call "Bravo Binging". Yup, I am addicted to Bravo TV. I know, I know, how shameful, shallow, etc. but I just can't change the channel, unless Modern Family is on, obviously. Last night my roommate Ashton and I stayed up until MIDNIGHT to watch a sneak peek of their new show, Pregnant in Heels. I didn't hate it...

Waste of time that could have been spent sleeping? Maybe.
I am also mentally preparing myself for even less sleep once this returns:
Real Housewives of New York
So yes, this is pathetic but as my roommates and I were discussing on Sunday night, its just an or so (hours in my case) where we can spend time together, laugh a lot and gossip. Basically what twenty-something girls do best. I have to run because Pregnant in Heels is about to air again...

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  1. LOVE bravo. orange county is my fav. plus bethenny ever after... plus NY... ugghhh they are are so addicting!

  2. I actually hate Bravo...but I have to admit that this new Pregnant in Heels show actually has me hooked. Maybe it's her british accent or the fact that the women on the first episode were so intriguing (one seemed oblivious to the fact that she was 9 months prego and then the other wanted to brand her kid).