Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Spy

Below is an actual photo of the shelf in my bedroom right now. Once you see it, you will think "Wow, that's really embarrassing, why did she post that?" And the answer is I posted this because I know you all won't judge me...so don't prove me wrong:
It might not jump right out at you, keep looking...
Ok so at first glance you see a few photos (Shout out Grandmother & Fado and Wofford Graduation in the fountain!), you might notice a few books, my glasses case, earrings...oh um wait, whats that? Oh that's just a bag a plain Easter m&m's, a half empty bag I might add.

Yes, I was given these m&m's by the Easter bunny and upon my return to Columbia I decided I should store these in my room for safekeeping [I ate all of my jellybeans on the car ride home so I didn't feel well/the m&m's were my #1 priority]. Well I naturally opened the bag and seem to be eating handfuls every time I go into my room. Going to work? Need a few. Making my bed? Definitely need an m&m (or 12). Going to the gym? m&m.


Well, I guess now that I have posted this I can come out of hiding and share the Easter joy with my roommates...but maybe just a few more m&m's first...

Thanks for reading/not judging!


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