Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shore Thing

Do not judge my roommates and I based on the pictures shown below. It was a theme party after all; so here we are, at the shore...
Ok so Marsha and I are smiling like semi-normal people in this photo but I do think it showcases our accessories quite nicely.  Please note my oh so modest pink hoop earrings
Marsha and I with the birthday girl!
We were all joking on Friday that we couldn't go too crazy with our Jersey Shore tans because we were attending the engagement party for Ashton and Matt on Saturday night. It was so nice to spend time with Ashton and Matt's families and really kick off their wedding festivities. Matt's dad recalled a moment where he saw Ashton skip after Matt into a restaurant and concluded his toast by looking at the happy couple and saying "May you always skip", so sweet!

Girls at the engagement party. Mom, please ignore my awful posture in this picture. You taught me better than that.
Blair and I pre-dance marathon session. There was a DJ so it was not like we had a choice!
Roommates with our bride-to-be!
It was a great party and I am so excited for Ashton and Matt's Philadelphia wedding in September. The only thing that makes me nervous is that Blair keeps warning me that he is not such a great airplane passenger. Aisle seat in the front of the plane please!

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