Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Those Publix People

Well I told you so. Those Publix people did it again. They have released yet another commercial that made me spontaneously start crying (thank goodness 2 of my roommates weren't home and one was cleaning her room). I can't find it anywhere but basically there is an older sister whose family is throwing her a going away party before she leaves for college and her younger brother keeps telling people he won't miss her (is this sounding familiar yet Laura Branch??) and then the older sister catches her brother sadly gazing at a picture of them when they were little [cue the waterworks] and she says "I'll miss you too". Tears are a'flowin at this point...
Yep, it was an ugly cry. Thanks Publix.
But since I can't find that commercial this one will have to do. Do Publix commercials cause this much emotional stress for anyone else?! No? Alright....

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  1. Why must you do this to me? How could I not cry watching the holiday surprise commercial?