Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sugar High

Attempting to eat healthy and going to the gym are not going to be kind to me this week. Why you ask? Well mainly because I have been on a diet of cake this weekend. My roommate, Sam celebrated her 23rd birthday this past Thursday (a celebration that naturally carried into the weekend) and it was a birthday cake feast. I think the pictures speak for themselves:
This is the cake that Sam's boyfriend Zeco made her [our house]. This cake is amazing 1. Because it was made by a person who is not a professional baker and 2. Because it was made by a boy. Homemade icing and everything. Legit.
That's right folks, it's got layers. Orange and strawberry layers with strawberry jam in between. Delicious.
The cake that I made for Sam is not quite as aesthetically pleasing as Zeco's but it is chocolately. I am talking "Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake" recipe sort of chocolate.
I felt like adding chocolate chips to the chocolate icing would be a really good decision. My scale and bathing suit season would probably disagree. Oh well.
Needless to say I think the birthday cake sampler that we have at our house right now has created some serious sugary joy and also some serious tummy aches. We topped the weekend off with a "Jersey Shore" party in Sam's honor and an engagement party Saturday night for our other roommate Ashton and her fiancé Matt. I will be posting pictures of the engagement party soon and am debating about the "Jersey Shore" photos as I do not want my family and friends to disown me. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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