Friday, November 12, 2010

Kleenex Queen

Yesterday morning I woke up sneezing and my eyes were even more reluctant to open than normal. It is not unusual for me to be a little congested [hate that word, by the way] when I first wake up so I didn't really think anything of it. As the morning went on and I continued sneeze I thought it best to take some Tylenol Cold & Sinus when I went home for lunch. I am now convinced that said medicine is an accelerant for cold symptoms.

If they mean it will provide you with severe cold/head congestion then this is not false advertising.
Keep in mind that like my father, I am a violent sneezer. This means not only do I sneeze loudly but to the point where my chest and back actually hurt. Back to my story, I return to my desk and the sneezing fits ensue. People start poking there heads around the corner and curiously looking at me and saying, "Is that you!?". Yup, sure is. And then the e-mails start, yes, office-wide e-mails that say things like "How does such a big sound come from such a little person?" or my personal favorite, "I thought it was a helicopter from the Veteran's Day parade but then I realized it's just Mary sneezing again". Cool.

I finally survived until 5:00, went to the grocery store with Marsha to pick up my "sick food" (soup, saltines, etc.) and hurried back home. The sneezing continued and somewhere during the evening I completely lost my voice and felt a lot like this...

Woe is me.
However, this morning, after a good night's sleep I woke up feeling like a brand new woman, well aside from the sore back due to my feverish sneezing attacks. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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