Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Mix-Up

Yes, I know that tomorrow is Thanksgiving but an encounter I had in the break room this morning has now completely occupied my mind with thoughts of a Veteran's Day/Thanksgiving combination. I also know that I am not typically a "serious" blogger so if that is not your cup of tea don't worry, I will try not to make this a habit.

The office is very quiet today (hence my blogging) so I was surprised when I walked into the break room to get my coffee and found two of our brokers there; they are normally running in and out of the office and it is rare to catch them when they are not busy. One of them began talking about his niece's upcoming trip to France and how they were planning to take a day trip out to Normandy. Normandy is a place that I have desperately wanted to travel to for a long time now (although I think my history nerdiness and tendency to cry at a good Publix commercial probably would not make for a pleasant trip for other visitors) so I decided to linger for a moment and see where the conversation would go. The other broker then responds by saying that his grandfather is buried there and describes the very emotional trip that he took with his wife last year to find his grandfather's grave and visit the memorials there.

View of Omaha Beach from the Cemetery at Normandy
As I walked back to my desk I began to really think how lucky I am that I knew both of grandfathers (both of which were WWII Veterans). My mother's father, "Fado", was in the Navy and spent time stationed in Russia and England. My father's father, "Pa" was in the Air Force and was stationed in New Guinea and the Philippines. Then it really sank in that while I can recall their mannerisms, voices, and could brag all day long about their accomplishments this particular broker would never know the man that is buried at Normandy. I am extremely thankful that Fado and Pa were able to make my childhood and memories of the holidays so special and as they are naturally missed every year around this time I think I will notice it a little bit more tomorrow.

The Cemetery at Normandy
So while tomorrow I will be thankful to be around family and friends I will also be all the more grateful that I had the pleasure of knowing those wonderful men. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend [and eats alot]. Thanks for reading!


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