Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mary, Princess of Wales

Well, today I am reevaluating my life plans as it seems Prince William has had the nerve to get engaged to someone else. How rude. It seems as though all those years of dressing as a princess for Halloween were all in vain.

Laura and I have joked endlessly for years about marrying Prince William and Harry and becoming the ultimate brother-sister team. Do we think that they actually want to marry two spastic sister from Atlanta, GA? No. Is it still fun to talk about for some reason? Absolutely. So you can only imagine the texts that Laura and I have been sending back and forth to each other today. Laura is filled with facts about the engagement ring (Princess Diana's) and I just read an article on all of the official titles that Kate could take once she marries William. We are slowly but surely spiraling out of control.

The happy couple...whatever.

Not from the gumball machine.
So will I wake up at some ungodly hour to watch their wedding on TV next spring or summer? Without a doubt. I guess once Laura finally works things out with Prince Harry I can just be the crazy older sister with lots of cats that lives in a castle somewhere. Could be worse. Thanks for reading!


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