Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Another Sunday

In theory today was supposed to be a fairly relaxing, run of the mill Sunday. Instead it turned into another thrilling episode of "The Adventures of Marsha, Mary, and Sam". I wish I had pictures to accompany this post but you all will just have to use your imagination...

Our adventure began when Marsha and I decided to run to Zaxby's to pick up some lunch. Now, if you know me at all, and I am sure my sister and Blair can both attest to this, I always, and I do mean always, like to look presentable when I go out in public. This does not have to mean make-up and hair clean (but it usually does) and I know this seems shallow but it is just how I am. So sue me. Anyhoo, I am telling you that because when Marsha and I set out for our adventure I am wearing my pajamas (there was a Law & Order:SVU marathon on, don't judge) but I did have contacts in and teeth brushed so some progress was made. Marsha and I successfully make it through the drive through and then drop of some lunch for her sister and we are heading back to our house when we hear a really loud "POP". Yup. Bye tire. Thanks for playing.

So naturally with our freshly popped tire the next available place to turn into is an event facility. Where there is currently an event taking place. Cool. This would normally not be a huge deal but there is obviously an event occurring and this place has huuuge windows. Awesome. What is also awesome is the fact that Marsha has her life [clothes, shoes, binders, crock pots, etc.] in her trunk which we have to transfer to her backseat in order to get the spare tire out. Now our army of help arrives. I say an army because Sam, her boyfriend, and four of his friends roll up in three different cars. Keep in mind I am still in my pajamas and eating my Zaxby's in the parking lot. Goodbye self-respect. Sam's boyfriend is the only one actually changing the tire, the rest of us are cheering him on. Mission accomplished, tire changed.

After a few much needed showers later Marsha, Sam, and I head to the mall and dinner. We are pulling back up to our house when we see what we think is a cat running up our front steps. Except it was not a cat, it was the largest opossum to ever walk the earth. We are all laughing/screaming, Marsha is talking about her extreme hatred for all things opossum related, Sam feels incredibly violated that this creature has used our front steps and I cannot breathe I am laughing so hard. We finally make it up the steps after banging on the pots and pans that were in Sam's car from our tailgate the day before in our attempt to scare the opossum away.

We obviously survived. Exhausted and increasingly aware of the wildlife in our neighborhood and car trouble, we are ready for the work week. Bring it on Monday. Bring it on. Thanks for reading!


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